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Our Menu

Breakfast Wraps

All served with home fries

  • Bacon,Eggs and Cheese wrap$ 8.70 Served with home fries
  • Ham,Egg and Cheese Wrap$ 8.70 Served with home fries
  • Sausage,Egg and Cheese Wrap$ 8.70 Served with home fries.
  • California Warp$ 8.70 Whole wheat tortilla,Egg white,Spinach,Mushrooms,Tomatoes and Swiss cheese. Served with home fries.
  • Evgenia Wrap$ 8.70 Two Eggs Omelette with Tomatoes,Onions,Jalapeno,Cheddar cheese and salsa. Served with home fries.
  • Healthy Wrap$ 8.70 Whole Wheat Tortilla,Egg Whites,Broccoli,Tomatoes,Onions and Swiss Cheese, Served with home fries.
  • Garden Wrap$ 8.70 Two Eggs, Peppers,Onion,Mushrooms and Cheddar Cheese. Served with home fries.
  • Kostas Wrap$ 8.70 Two Eggs,Peppers,Onions,Mushrooms and cheddar Cheese. Served with home fries.
  • Italian Wrap$ 8.70 Tow eggs Omelette with Hot Italian Sausage,Onions Mozzarella and side of own cilantro Salsa. Served with home fries.
  • Meat Wrap$ 8.70 Two Eggs,Bacon,Ham,Sausage and American Cheese
  • Plain Breakfast Wrap$ 8.70 Three eggs and any choice of cheese, Served with home fries.
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